From humble beginnings more than thirty years ago, MoTeC has evolved into an international force in aftermarket automotive electronics, attracting the support of many top teams in race and rally. Over those years MoTeC has built a reputation for outstanding reliability, advanced technology and high performance products that exceed expectations. Such growth has brought with it a diverse range of customers and a wide array of vehicles, encouraging the constant expansion of MoTeC product capabilities and support expertise.


MilSpecWiring keeps an inventory over a million dollars in hardware, sensors, accessories, and wiring components. Best of all, everything sold on is used in house at MoTeC USA, so you can get your questions answered when other suppliers either can’t or won’t. With more than 400 combinations of MilSpec wire and all the parts needed to build an aerospace quality loom, we have you covered no matter how large or small your project is!


RaceGrade is a brand of electronic components (sensors, software & technology) designed for the rigorous world of motorsport. We not only offer premier sensors and electronics, we also offer aerospace quality wiring harnesses. From motorcycles to sports cars to off road vehicles, you'll find RaceGrade has products for every application!


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